“A photo feature is a joint project involving the photographer alongside the customer. They are always the ones who find the best way to express it."

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François photographed 2 of my interior architecture projects. Customers as well as myself have always been impressed by the quality of his services and his photos. The work of a real pro



I had the opportunity of working with François on two of my renovation projects and I was really delighted with his service. He is a real professional passionate about his job and won’t hesitate to take all the time he needs to produce the best photo of your interior. The photos are magnificent.



Thank you very much for your professionalism, your kindness, your patience and your beautiful pictures.



My experience with François was marvellous. He was very respectful of our apartment. He took as much time as necessary to photograph each room with great care. He was very professional, from start to finish. I would recommend him without hesitation.



First of all let me express my sincere congratulations for this remarkable shoot. Beautiful photos that show great technical mastery but also a very personal aesthetic.  Thank you for the photos. They are superb. 



Thak you. The photos are beautiful.



He was discreet, fast and efficient. And the 12 photo-feature was very well done. Later I contacted him to take hotel photographs and he immediately captured the essential points and details and worked quickly and extremely effectively. Specialised in architecture and decoration, his field of action is vast. His post production work is astonishing and he is responsive and adorable. Excellent value for money!



A thousand thanks for the perfection of your photos



Incredible! Really, a thousand times bravo, I would never have believed it could be possible to produce such a result



Waou !!! They are really great !!!!! A big thank you, really ...



Hello François, thank you for sending the photos; they are really beautiful. I also wanted to tell you I’ve had more than positive feedback from your photos



An excellent course!!!

A novice in photography, I contacted François Guillemin after finding his website and his photographs to sign up for a course.

I can only recommend him, for his skills, his teaching ability and friendly attitude. Mr Guillemin takes the time to explain the essentials of photography while at the same time making the technical part comprehensible, which was not at all a foregone conclusion as far as I was concerned.

I run a home staging business so this course is a real professional asset for me. Thank you once again.