Architectural and interior design photographer

François Guillemin - Photographe d'architecture

Architectural and interior photographer based in Paris, I work all over the rest of France, as well as abroad.

Architectural photography requires specific techniques to showcase to advantage the interior or exterior scene while at the same time respecting the fundaments of photography which are the use of light, composition and framing, as well as the consistency of pictures in the same series.

Aesthetic expression is an affair of sensibility, and photographers create their own view of the subject photographed. I strive to produce an attractive photograph with a natural feel, while preserving the realism of the places, areas and subjects photographed.

Careful composition integrating foreground, middle ground and background, precise framing, rigour with vertical lines, balanced perspectives, work on light combining ambient and artificial sources, adjustment of variations in brightness between interior and exterior, meticulous respect for colours and adequate time devoted to shooting and post-production all lead to attractive photographs with a natural appearance.

I take photographs of interior and exterior architecture, design, decoration, products and objects, residential buildings (apartments, houses, villas, private residences, and luxury homes), commercial, industrial and office premises, hotels, restaurants and heritage buildings.  The equipment and approach used are specifically adapted to each of the subjects photographed.

Don’t hesitate to contact me or call me on +33 6 82 55 38 58 to find out more about my services and pricing

Photographs of architecture and interior decoration

In the design and execution of my photographs I make use of my training in architectural photography and history of the art of furniture and habitat at Ecole Boulle, and my experience working with architects and contemporary furniture designers.

All my pictures are taken with the continuous concern of showing the property or subject to advantage, in keeping with the original intention of the architect or designer.

Architectural and interior design photography is demanding, for it must be structured and creative and at the same time give the impression the subject is speaking for itself.

Finding the right angle, composition, precise framing and ideal light can emphasise a line, texture, colour or contrast specific to each work photographed.

I also take high quality photographs to facilitate the sale or seasonal rental of prime real estate properties.

Special care is given to composition and to the work of light to avoid the pitfalls of distortions and deformations occasioned by the use of ultra-wide-angle lenses. 

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In addition to my architectural photography services, I offer my clients individual or group CORPORATE PORTRAITS.

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I also organise introductory and advanced CLASSES in taking and touching up photographs of architecture and interior design.